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15 July 2015 pdf

Embedded SIM PoC between Indosat and NTT DOCOMO for M2M devices

Indosat, member of Ooredoo Group, NTT DOCOMO (DOCOMO) and Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) have signed MoU to perform embedded SIM (eSIM) PoC to confirm the connection and changing SIM profile between two different M2M platforms belonging to two different operators in different countries seamlessly.
A groundbreaking technology, eSIM allows mobile network operators to provide more advanced solutions to connect M2M devices around the world securely
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25 March 2015 pdf

Conexus Members Establish IPX Business Collaboration

The Conexus Mobile Alliance (Conexus), one of Asia’s largest mobile coalitions, today announced establishment of a taskforce to enhance IPX business among members by interconnecting existing and potential new IPX networks. This collaborative move grants all participating alliance members the potential to lower cost of data roaming by making full use of their own mobile, international and IPX network infrastructure.
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08 Oct 2014 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance forms taskforce for integrated M2M business across member-countries

Conexus Mobile Alliance, one of the largest alliances of mobile networks in Asia, is set to establish an M2M task force dedicated to realize M2M services available across membercountries.
Aimed at addressing the increasing demand for M2M services by multinational companies, the M2M task force shall engage in feasibility studies on cost optimization, local customer support, better usability and borderless solutions with emerging technologies read more

14 July 2014 pdf

Conexus to expand LTE roaming services with Vodafone partnership

Conexus Mobile is set to expand its Long Term Evolution (LTE) roaming services for its subscribers following a strategic partnership with Vodafone Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world read more

11 June 2014 pdf

Conexus launches free Handset Back-up service for enterprise subscribers

The Conexus Mobile Alliance has launched a service that allows enterprise subscribers of member countries to borrow a temporary mobile handset with a SIM card in the unfortunate event that their mobile phone gets lost, stolen or damaged while in another Conexus member country read more

25 Feb 2014 pdf

Conexus Showcases Apps at 2014 Mobile World Congress

Conexus is showcasing a host of apps from its member countries to participants of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s biggest gathering of mobile industry leaders. read more

24 Feb 2014 pdf

Conexus Makes Menu Translator app Available to More Countries

Conexus Mobile Alliance has now launched the Menu Translator, an app that instantly translates foreign menus to a user’s desired language for more

4 Dec 2013 pdf

Conexus and TripAdvisor launch review sharing campaign

Eager to share your travel experience and photo when roaming abroad? Let Trip Advisor tell your story for more

26 June 2013 pdf

Conexus pilots EAP-SIM authentication for Wi-Fi roaming service for member networks

Subscribers of the Conexus Mobile Alliance will soon have more ways to stay connected when traveling abroad, through an extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots found all over more

31 May 2013 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance rewards early adopters of NFC through a promo, running through May 31, 2013 - July 31, 2013.

Conexus Mobile Alliance (Conexus) rewards early adopters of Near Field Communications (NFC) though a promo that will give Conexus NFC customers a chance to win travel packages by tapping NFC embedded posters at designated terminals across the region. The promo will run through May 31, 2013 -July 31, more

4 Apr 2013 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance and TripAdvisor partner to develop promotional campaigns for customers of Conexus members

Conexus Mobile Alliance ("Conexus") and TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop joint promotional campaigns that will enable customers of Conexus‐member operators to enjoy additional benefits through the use of TripAdvisor content while more


27 June 2012 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance join hands to explore launching LTE data roaming service

Conexus Mobile Alliance today announced that member operators are joining hands to explore launching LTE data roaming service progressively from end 2012. read more

20 Sep 2011 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance And Vodafone Form Strategic Partnership

Conexus Mobile Alliance and Vodafone jointly announced that they have agreed to form a strategic partnership which will significantly expand Vodafone’s partner market presence in Asia and provide Conexus member customers with greater support in Vodafone’s global footprint. The move will enhance both Conexus members’ and Vodafone’s ability to meet growing demand among multinational businesses for sophisticated voice and data communications solutions as well as advanced roaming services within and out of Asia. read more

8 June 2011 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance Launches New Android Application for Frequent Travellers

Conexus Mobile Alliance today announced the launch of a new Android application (App) that makes it easier and more convenient for travellers to connect to the mobile network of a member Conexus operator as they roam. The Alliance currently has presence in 13 countries and regions across Asia Pacific – Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and more

6 May 2011 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance Establishes Strategic Collaboration with HTC

Conexus Mobile Alliance, Asia's leading mobile coalition, today announced that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for strategic collaboration has been signed with HTC, a global leader in mobile device innovation and design. The partnership will explore the development of new smart phones and devices that can benefit from Conexus' customer-friendly data-roaming tariff plans and userfriendly roaming features. Conexus currently serves over 310 million mobile end-users in more

15 June 2010 pdf

Daily Flat-Rate Data Roaming in Vietnam and Macau

Conexus Mobile Alliance’s popular daily flat-rate data roaming tariff plan is now available in Vietnam, the first mobile alliance in the world to offer it in that country. The programme has also expanded into Macau. This announcement comes as Conexus Mobile Alliance adopts a number of initiatives to boost mobile data roaming and data usage across the region. read more

17 Nov 2009 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance Welcomes Vietnam’s VinaPhone

Conexus Mobile Alliance today welcomes VinaPhone to the Alliance, expanding one of Asia’s largest mobile alliances’ customer footprints to over 240 million mobile subscribers. read more

10 Nov 2009 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance Selects Finalists in Android™ Application Development Campaign

Conexus Mobile Alliance is pleased to announce that it has selected the 13 finalists for its Android application development programme that was introduced in June this year. read more

10 Sept 2009 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance Extends Seamless Mobile Data Roaming Initiative for BlackBerry® Smartphones to India and Thailand

Conexus Mobile Alliance members BSNL and MTNL from India as well as TrueMove from Thailand today rolled out the Alliance’s mobile data roaming initiative for BlackBerry smartphones in their respective countries. read more

18 June 2009 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance Launches Campaign to Encourage Application Development for Android™ in Asia

Five Conexus Mobile Alliance members today announced the rollout of a comprehensive campaign to promote greater application development in Asia for Android. read more

19 Nov 2008 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance Launches Mobile Data Roaming Plan for BlackBerry® Smartphones

Conexus Mobile Alliance today announced the start of the regional rollout of a mobile data roaming plan for BlackBerry® smartphones among Alliance more

19 June 2008 pdf

Thailand's TrueMove Joins Conexus Mobile Alliance.

Conexus Mobile Alliance today welcomed Thailand’s TrueMove into the fold, as one of Asia-Pacific’s largest mobile alliances expands its customer footprint to about 190 million mobile more

15 Apr 2008 pdf

Innovative Pay-Per-Day Flat-Rate Data Roaming Mobile Tariff Plan Now Available Across Seven Asia-Pacific Countries

Asia-Pacific’s first pay-per-day flat-rate data roaming tariff plan is now available across seven Asia-Pacific countries, as Conexus Mobile Alliance (“the Alliance”), one of the largest mobile alliances in Asia with a combined customer base of over 160 million mobile subscribers, ramps up its efforts to boost mobile data roaming adoption in the more

13 Nov 2007 pdf

Conexus Mobile Alliance Announces the Launch of Asia’s First Pay-per-day Flat-rate Data Roaming Tariff Plan and Other Member Privileges

Conexus Mobile Alliance (“the Alliance”), one of the largest mobile alliances in Asia with a combined customer base of around 160 million mobile subscribers, today announced the launch of Asia’s first-ever pay-per-day data roaming flat-rate tariff plan and a host of member privileges, with an aim to deliver ground-breaking, genuine and tangible benefits to international roamers and realize its vision of offering the highest level of customer satisfaction in mobile services to corporate and consumer more

5 Dec 2006 pdf

Asia's Largest Mobile Alliance Welcomes SMART and Announces Official Name and Logo

Asia’s largest alliance of mobile operators today welcomed Smart Communications, Inc., the Philippines’ leading mobile operator, into the group. With SMART’s participation, the alliance has expanded its coverage footprint to over 130 million mobile subscribers in nine countries and more

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